Offering Fresh Meats, Seafood & Game

Le Petit Marche 


Fresh Seafood arrives several times a week. Please feel free to place a special order.  

Call for prices as they change daily. Availability subject to supply and season.

F = fillets W = Whole WH = Whole with Headage. 

Arctic Char F/W

Barramundi F

Black Cod F/W

Bluefish F/W

Catfish F

Caviar Lumpfish Black

Caviar Lumpfish Red

Caviar Salmon Red 8oz

Clams - Little Necks, Steamers

Cobia F

Cod Scrod F/W

Corvina F/W

Crabcakes -

Crab Claws - various

Crab Legs Snow Clusters

Crabmeat (Lump/Jumbo Lump)

Flounder F/W

Fluke WF/W 12-15lbs

Golden Tilefish W

Grouper Black F/ W

Grouper Gulf F

Grouper Red F/W

Haddock F (limited)

Hake F

Halibut F/ W

Live Lobsters (1lb +)

Mahi Mahi F/W

Mussels PEI

Rainbow Trout

Pollock F

Redfish F

Rockfish, Ocean F/W

Samon, Chilean F

Salmon Coho Wild Alaskan F

Salmon King Copper River F/W

Salmon King Wild F/W 6-13lb

Salmon Canada

 F and/or W 6-8lbs

Salmon Medallion

Salmon Scottish

Salmon Sockeye F/W

Scallops Bay or Sea

Sea Bream F/W

Seabass Bluenose F/W\

Seabass Chilean F / W

Seaweed (pound packages)

Shad Boned

shad Roe

Shark Back Tip F/W

Shark Mako F/W

Shrimp - Cooked or Raw

--- Tail on or off

Snapper Beeliner F

Snapper Red American F/W 6-10lbs

Snapper Red Gulf F/W

Soft Shell Crabs

Sole F

Sole Lemon F

Sturgeon F/W

Swordfish F/W

Swordfish Wheel Cut (Center Bone In)

Tilapia F

Tilefish Golden F

Trout Sea F/W

Trout Rainbow 8oz F

Tuna F Standard - Sushi

Tuna Tails

Tuna Top Loin CC F


'Mackerel Smoked Peppered 8oz

Mussels Smoked

Oysters Shucked or in Shell

Salmon Balmoral Sliced (Side) approx 3 pounds

Salmon Roasted Kippered (Side)

Hot Smoked Baked, Not Sliced 2.25 pounds

Salmon Sliced 4oz packages

Trout 8oz packages